• Coronavirus Update.

    Like many the way we deliver our services and activities has changed in order to protect staff, members of the public, visitors and partners. Here’s an update on how this has affected the services we provide:

    Our Employment Support is available by telephone, online and by appointment. Call 0115 911 2226 for more information.

    The Brendon Lawrence Sports Centre and Cherry Lodge are open for activities by booking in advance at bookwhen.com/renewaltrust, or through provider invitation.

    St Ann’s Allotments is open to tenants and co-workers only, the St Ann’s Allotments Visitor Centre is open for bookings.

    Our DBS services is available – to book an appointment please call 0115 911 2226.

    Our Business Centres are remaining open to support other vital service providers.

    Our staff are all available, so stay in touch by phone, email, or through our social media channels and keep us updated about any positive news stories from the community.

    Stay safe and well!