The Gramophones Theatre Company – Superpowering girls and their grannies!

The Gramophones Theatre Company is an established female-led company run by co-artistic directors, Hannah Stone and Ria Ashcroft, who are both theatre-making mammas. Together, they create contemporary, playful, high-quality theatre which puts women centre stage.

We’ve recently supported The Gramophones with a Community Grant of £500, to help them keep families connected in the pandemic.

The Gramophones

Hannah explains:
“We make theatre that is relevant and responsive, but has hope and change at its heart. We tell stories that are rooted in the community, inspired by women’s voices, and that reach far and wide.

“Our latest show, Aidy the Awesome, about an 8-year-old girl and her granny, was due to premiere at Lakeside Nottingham in the summer, but due to the pandemic, it’s been postponed until 2021. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!

“We run creative projects with communities, connected to the shows we’re making, so inspired by Aidy the Awesome, we’ve been running an exciting online creative project with Girls and Grannies creating their own superhero characters!

“The project, Super Powering Girls and Grannies, was always going to be about getting girls and their grannies to connect creatively, so when the project had to change due to lockdown, it became even more important for girls and their grannies to maintain that connection.

“The online project has involved girls and their grannies making costumes, warming up, cracking codes and completing secret missions. It’s given them a great way to connect creatively, especially when they’ve not always been able to connect physically.

“The project has made a real difference to the families we’ve worked with. Here’s just some of the feedback we’ve had:

‘My personal favourite task was the synchronised dance routine, which is quite a challenge when we live so far apart. We spent a lot of time discussing ideas and taking it in turns to choose which movements to put in. I had the last move in place from the get-go!’

‘Lucy is very fit and a great mover, doing Taekwondo, cheerleading and gymnastics, whereas I’m not in her league…but have enthusiasm! The last part was for her to do a back flip from a standing point and me putting out my hands and saying No Chance!’

‘The dance we made was very quick and on many levels. I practiced it many times, busily counting my eight beats. When my daughter filmed it out in the garden, I expected many takes before I got it…but no…I did it in one. Sorry there were no smiles though, too busy counting to eight so when the films were side by side we were together!’

‘Just to say it was really lovely to see my mum and daughter bond in different ways from the usual. They were both struggling with lockdown when I spotted this for them and I really noticed a difference and something to look forward to and work on things that were exciting! They and us had lots of smiles and happiness from it.’

Find out more about the project and get your very own badges and Superhero Kit including mask, cape, letter stickers, star stickers and jewels.

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