Working together to support local people

The Renewal Trust, local Neighbourhood Development Officers from Nottingham City Council, and community partners have been working together to support local people across the Dales, Mapperley and St Ann’s – the ‘Area 6’ communities served by The Renewal Trust.

For example, local groups and organisations regularly get together with the area’s Neighbourhood Development Officers, Beth Hanna and Lysle Ann Renwick, via Local Area Partnership meetings and sub-groups – to share information and find the best ways of supporting local communities. From producing a joint leaflet promoting what’s on offer in the area, to signposting people to locally available mental health support.

Now, we’re launching a new joint bulletin to share local news and information with our communities more clearly and consistently – rather than people receiving the same information from multiple sources.

The new bulletin will build on The Renewal Trust’s existing bulletin to become a central hub for news, information, activities and events in the area – giving local groups and organisations an easy way to share their news, and local people an easy way to keep up with what’s happening locally.

Julie Ellender, Community Connector for Nottingham City Council, explained the value of partnership working throughout the pandemic and beyond:
“The interaction between so many groups and organisations, the pooling of information by the various community partners and providers, and the projects undertaken to help the community together has created a wonderful partnership.

“I love the care, support and interaction between all involved. There are no challenges between groups and organisations, just the will, motivation and enthusiasm to work together to help local people. It’s so empowering, enabling and humbling to see how many mutual services there are helping and volunteering for local people, now working together to find the best course of action every time.”

Nic Williams, Community Lead at The Renewal Trust, said:
“The Area 6 networks we’re building have seen partners coming together around a shared agenda, with more and more sharing of programmes, support and activities for the local community. The new bulletin will bring together all the amazing organisations we work with, sharing the great work that they do, and a whole range of support, advice and activities available for local people. The Dales, Mapperley and St Ann’s have so much to celebrate and we can’t wait to share that through the bulletins.”

The new look bulletin will be called The RT Bulletin for Dales, Mapperley and St Ann’s. It will be emailed to people who have signed-up to receive it on a Monday morning every two weeks, with the first new bulletin going out on Monday 8 March.

For local groups and organisations, the cut-off for sending submissions you’d like to be included in the bulletin will be the Wednesday before. That means the final submission date for the first bulletin on 8 March will be Wednesday 3 March. Email your submission for the bulletin

Look out for more news on social media and sign-up to receive the bulletin – it’s the best way to keep up with everything that’s going on in your community and across Nottingham!