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Future Leaders of Nottingham is a professional development programme making leadership in Nottinghamshire more diverse and representative – by creating a network of talented people to inspire others and drive change.

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Applications are not currently open for the Future Leaders of Nottingham programme

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About the programme

Future Leaders is a professional development programme for talented and diverse people who want to make a difference. It’s a welcoming and supportive fast-track to improved confidence, connection, authenticity and resilience. The  six month intensive programme includes an innovative mix of masterclasses, action learning, coaching, mentoring, events and self-reflection.

Why is it needed?

On 27 October 2014, 70 representatives from private, public and voluntary sector organisations came together to launch Future Leaders of Nottingham – to improve diversity and representation in leadership across the city. It was launched in response to the Citywide Positive Action Study 2014, which identified key gaps in diversity at board and senior management level.

Now in its fifth year, the programme is more important than ever as it aims to battle the increasing inequality and disadvantage brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and its social and economic impacts.

Who’s it for?

This programme is for anyone working in Nottinghamshire who has leadership potential. You don’t need to be in a management position already, and there is no age minimum or maximum. A unique aspect of this programme is that it brings a wide variety of people together to learn from each other’s experiences.

Organisations of any size in Nottinghamshire are welcome to put people forward for this programme. The time commitment is around two half-days per month, and the multiple benefits to your organisation will include:

  • Improved staff retention, motivation, participation and confidence
  • A more inclusive workforce
  • Invitations for line managers and other colleagues to attend Provoke15 events
  • Employee networking with other organisations, plus coaching and mentoring
  • A home-grown talent pipeline of employees ready to take the next step

What do we mean by leadership potential?

The CITB defines leadership as the capacity to influence people to achieve a common goal – rather than being a specific role. They identify three integral elements: self – the skilful expression of personal qualities; relationships with other people; and the ability to understand and communicate not only the job to be done but its purpose and meaning – the ‘why are we doing this’. There is no one effective leadership style and different leadership qualities are needed in different circumstances.

Future Leaders is about discovering potential, unlocking and developing different leadership qualities and enabling individuals and organisations to benefit from more diverse, inclusive, representative leadership.


From the very beginning of this programme, participants will learn about and discuss leadership in five masterclasses designed to prepare individuals and organisations for the emerging and evolving challenges and opportunities we now face. The programme has been designed to run in-person or online depending on current Covid-19 guidance.

Our masterclass facilitators are internationally recognised and experts in their respective fields. All masterclasses are practical, participatory, inspirational and action-focused. Each half-day session will run for three hours and include a mix of activities to suit all learning styles.

Action Learning Sets

Action Learning is a structured way of helping to implement changes and actions – it takes people beyond superficial analysis, based upon the idea that there is ‘no learning without action and no action without learning’.

Each masterclass is supported by an Action Learning Set to deepen learning and facilitate relationship building. Participants will also create a learning journal, and have built-in time for self-reflection during each session.

Coaching and Mentoring

Each participant will be matched with a coach and a mentor, each providing three one-hour sessions.

Coaches are trained in good questioning techniques and don’t offer advice, their task is to help people find their own solutions through reflection and sometimes challenge.

Mentors are very experienced and highly skilled people in senior positions who are carefully matched to their mentee. Mentors can help to provide advice and direction, as well as open doors for mentees to have new experiences and insights.

How to apply

Applications are not currently open for the Future Leaders of Nottingham programme.

Companies with strong gender and ethnic diversity are 15% and 35% respectively more likely to outperform their competitors (McKinsey)

Who we are

Future Leaders of Nottingham is run by a group of leading employers committed to improving inequality and under-representation at senior levels – coordinated by The Renewal Trust.

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