Street Art at Sneinton Market

As part of Nottingham’s Street Art Festival 2018, our Place project played host to a trio of amazing artists on Saturday 18 August – at the festival’s annual Block Party on Sneinton Market.

Lois Gardner Sabet, Amy Blackwell and Martin Rayment each brought their unique style to Place, and as you can see, they transformed Place’s home at Sneinton Market.

Lois working
Amy working
Martin working

For Martin’s project, festival-goers and local people were asked to share their ‘Words of Wisdom’ on a chalkboard. From your ‘Words of Wisdom’ three were selected to be put to your vote! Martin will then immortalise the winning ‘Words of Wisdom’ into a new artwork for Place. Find out the three phrases selected and vote for your favourite here!


Meet the artists

Lois Gardner Sabet

Lois is a studio holder at Backlit Gallery in Sneinton, she brought her inks, brushes and watercolour paper to Place to produce these stunning multiple ink drawings, working on a set at a time and then taking them apart. Lois also creates these beautiful round paintings on handmade Indian Khadi paper.

Before the event on Saturday, Lois told us “I always work alone with a door firmly shut so this will be a new experience and I’m curious as to what will happen.” As you can see, the results of Lois working with the door open are amazing!

Amy Blackwell

Amy is a painter, printmaker, knitter, maker, writer and reader housed at Backlit Gallery. She told us I love colour and patterns and drawing portraits of strong sassy characters.” And that’s exactly what Amy created for Place, using our windows as a canvas.

Amy is inspired by the weird and wonderful, clashing colours, the natural world, history, fashion and folklore – and it doesn’t stop with windows of course. “I can’t say I focus on one specific method of making – I’m a Jacqueline of all trades, whether it’s print or digital work or painting or collage or surface design. I’m always doing or making something and whatever the result is chances are it’ll be bright and covered in detail.”

Martin Rayment

Martin’s work explores forgotten imagery by appropriation and it’s graced the covers of magazines including LeftLion and Unlimited Imprint. Martin, who’s based at Backlit Gallery, told us “My ideas are fuelled by an admiration of the power that iconic imagery possesses, in particular print media from the 1950s, including B-movies and sci-fi.”

Don’t forget you can vote for your favourite phrase here – ready for Martin to turn into a unique artwork for Place, Sneinton Market and the wider community.

Why not take a look?

If you’d like to see Place’s new artworks, simply pop down to 25 Avenue C, Sneinton Market Avenues and don’t forget to vote for you favourite phrase from the three selected from your Words of Wisdom!