St Ann’s film celebrates 50th anniversary

As we reported recently, we’ve launched a new project called 50/10 – exploring health and wellbeing in St Ann’s with local communities, and how they could hold the key to tackling health inequalities in the area.

We’re working in partnership with a range of organisations on the project, including Nottingham City Council, LA-based Venice Arts and WiT Partnership.

To get the conversation started, we’ve held a number of free film screenings in the area showing ‘Report: St Ann’s – 1969’ – a film about life in St Ann’s just before its demolition and redevelopment, first broadcast on national TV 50 years ago.

It was great to see the film’s 50th anniversary celebrated in the local media on 4 March – with a feature in the Nottingham Post and an interview with Tony Miller from the St Ann’s Well Road Pre-demolition (1970) group on ITV Central News. Tony is just one of the many local people involved in the 50/10 project and we’re looking for more St Ann’s residents to get involved.

50 years on; what’s changed, what’s stayed the same; and what would be included in a similar film made today?

Those are just some of the questions we’ve been asking local people to find out what’s important to them when it comes to their health and wellbeing, and what could be done to improve things in the area, with average healthy life expectancy in the area 10 years lower than Wollaton West, Nottingham’s most affluent ward, just a few miles down the road.

The project is already inspiring some great conversations and ideas around potential community-led approaches to improving health and wellbeing, as well as exploring the social determinants of health and wellbeing from a local perspective – including things like housing, employment, the environment and social connections.

Many St Ann’s residents feel the area is still home to a strong community, just as it was in 1969, but there are now fewer places to meet and therefore less everyday social connection between people – resulting in more social isolation and associated problems with health and wellbeing. One of the things that local people feel has changed for the better is the environment, with the area now home to improved parks and green open spaces.

Have your say

We’d love to hear about your life in St Ann’s – your stories will help us explore what we can do together to build on what’s positive in the community and the area – to improve life, health and wellbeing for all.

Email Holly at The Renewal Trust to find out more

What’s next for 50/10?  

Working closely with St Ann’s residents, our project partners and local health professionals, we’re aiming to rethink approaches to health and wellbeing in the area – including making a new film about the area with young people from St Ann’s.

We’re hoping to make some exciting announcements about the project over the next few weeks so watch this space for more very soon!

Take a look at our latest 50/10 blog with John Mitchell from WiT Partnership