Providing safe green spaces in St Ann’s

Now more than ever, The Renewal Trust recognises the importance of gardens to people in these challenging times.

And are working to make sure we can keep St Ann’s Allotments open for allotment holders, providing people with much needed green spaces, in line with current social distancing rules.

Having access to a safe, healthy, garden at this time is already having a positive impact on people’s lives, as this email from an allotment holder to our Site Manager, Nicola Hinton, shows:

“As you know, for our mental health, our garden is imperative. That day you opened the gate to the wilderness of our allotment plot was a magical moment that stays with us. It felt so right and I think that in the three years we’ve had our plot, we’ve only missed two (separate) days. We love our plot and just wanted to thank you and all of the team for keeping on, keeping on.”

St Ann’s Allotments is one of the oldest and largest collections of Victorian detached town gardens in the UK, comprising of individual allotment gardens surrounded by high hedges. That means that allotment holders, many of who may not have their own garden at home, can still visit their plot for a little fresh air, time in nature and daily exercise on their own (or with members of their household) – as long as they’re not self-isolating.

We’ve sent allotment holders clear information and advice on social distancing, hygiene and staying safe on site, with information posters going up around the allotments.

Thank you to all our allotment holders for following social distancing and hygiene rules at this critical time and we’ll continue to keep you updated. To get in touch with our Allotment Team, please call 0115 958 9255 or email them

Find out more about staying safe on your allotment and protecting others via the National Allotment Society