Place puts Nottingham’s older residents in the frame

We’re launching a new project to give older people in Nottingham the opportunity to have their portrait taken in the style of an old master painting – and we’re looking for people aged 65+ to take part!

The project is being organised by Place, our community-led arts and culture programme based at Sneinton Market, funded by the Arts Council and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Place is working with Grace Eden, a local photographer from St Ann’s, whose photography was recently featured in Nottingham’s Off Centre Photography Festival, exhibited at Surface Gallery.

Grace is also a full-time carer to her father, who has Parkinson’s Disease. Grace explained:

“As a full-time carer for my 76-year-old father, I see the difficult side of ageing, as well as the joy of growing older. I have seen first-hand the wisdom, beauty and life experience gained during the golden years and that’s what I’m aiming to capture in my portraits. I’m keen to give older members of society their time to shine and tell their story through my art.”

“The project also aims to tackle loneliness by giving older people the chance to spend time with me, and others involved in the project, in a relaxed, enjoyable way. The project is very much based on building friendships, as well as capturing the radiance of my subjects.”

Place is looking for a small number of participants aged 65+ to have their portrait taken in the style of an old master painting – between April-June 2019. Costumes will be provided. Participants can choose to have their portrait taken as an individual, a couple, or with a friend, family member or carer. There is no upper age limit to taking part.

The painting portraits will be exhibited in Nottingham later in the year – with an exhibition already in the planning stages.

Suzannah Bedford, our Creative Director at Place said:

“This is a unique opportunity for older people to work with a talented and caring local artist and celebrate themselves as a work of art, so please share the opportunity with anyone you know aged 65+ who would enjoy taking part.”

To find out more about the project and how to take part please email us

Grace Eden
Grace Eden