Not all scientists wear white coats!

We’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Ignite Futures to bring a nationwide science programme to Nottingham!

The Curiosity project will give young people across the city the chance to get curious about science – with free, fun, creative sessions in the heart of the community.

With Curiosity, young people will be able to choose the kind of topics they want to explore, take part in fun experiments using everyday things you’d find around the home, use scientific equipment such as microscopes to see the world from a different perspective and learn from experts working in a range of scientific fields.

Ignite Futures will be delivering Curiosity sessions around Nottingham – including at the SEND Project in Sneinton and the Nottingham & Notts Refugee Forum.

We’re one of only 32 organisations chosen to take part in the nationwide Curiosity project, which is being funded by Children in Need and Wellcome.

The aim of the project is to increase children’s confidence, communication skills and sense of pride and self-belief – as well as participation in science.

Cherry, our CEO, said:

“Science can inspire young people in the same way as sport or music, if it’s delivered in the right way. Plus of course, it can give them invaluable skills and opportunities to improve their futures.”

To find out more about the Curiosity project please email

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