Looking for work, training or advice?

We’ve launched a new improved service for local people looking for work, training or advice.

The new service has been designed with the help of local people and organisations, after we carried out research with the community in partnership with Nottingham Trent University. Overall, the new service will offer more one-to-one support, tailored to people’s individual needs.

Here’s Ann Rose, our Employment Outreach Advisor, to tell you more.

Who is the new service for?

It’s for anyone aged 29 and over living in St Ann’s – who’s looking for work, training or advice.

What does the new service offer?

One-to-one support for people looking for work, training or advice, plus drop-in sessions at The Chase Neighbourhood Centre, Robin Hood Chase, NG3 4EZ on Mondays from 9am to 4.30pm and Tuesdays from 1.30pm to 4.30pm and at St Ann’s Valley Centre, Livingstone Road, NG3 3GG on Tuesdays from 9am to 1pm. We offer one-to-one appointments from Wednesday to Friday at a time, date and venue to suit the individual. We also offer aftercare support for people who have found employment or training, to help them settle in and find their feet.

How is the new service different from what we’ve done in the past?

We’ve helped local people find work, training and advice for around 15 years now. To make sure our service is right for local people, we carried out research this year to find out what kind of support they really want. Our new service has been designed based on their feedback. We’ve reduced the number of drop-in sessions we run so we can provide more one-to-one support – as that’s what local people asked for. Plus, we’ve introduced our new aftercare support service, to help people once they’ve found work or training.

Can anyone use the new service – including people we’re already helping?  

Yes. We’ll carry on supporting everyone we’re already helping. Plus, we’re keen to help as many new people as possible.

Do people have to be unemployed to get help?

We can help people whatever their current situation, they don’t necessarily have to be unemployed.

What is the aim of the new service?

To support more local residents into work and training, to improve the economic, physical and mental wellbeing of people in the area.

What if you’re aged under 29 – or don’t live in St Ann’s?

We work closely with a range of organisations around the city, so if you’re aged under 29, you’re welcome to get in touch with us and we can signpost you to the right support. We can also help you if you’re aged 29 and over but live in Sneinton or Mapperley – as long as you can get to St Ann’s to access our services. Our services have to be based in St Ann’s because of the way the new service is funded, but we’re still here to help people throughout the area.

What happens at a one-to-one session?

We’ll listen to what you’d like to achieve in terms of work or training, so we can find out what kind of support you need. We’ll advise you, motivate you and signpost you to additional sources of support, so you’ll always come away feeling as if you’ve made progress. We’ll also make sure you feel comfortable with our support, every step of the way.

How is our service different from services like the Job Centre?

Our service is person-centred and we’ll do our best to make people feel comfortable and listened to. It’s also voluntary, so people can choose whether or not to come to us for support.

What do you think are the most important ways to help someone who’s trying to get back into work?

It’s different for everyone so that’s why we’ll start by talking to people one-to-one and finding out what they need. We’ll also develop an action plan together, so people can see the progress they’re making.

What do you think is missing from mainstream job services?

Sometimes, service users can be seen as ‘cash generators’ by providers – rather than people. I also think there needs to be more encouragement for employers to value the skills and experience of older people in the workforce.

How long have you worked at The Renewal Trust?

Since 2007 – and I lived in St Ann’s for 37 years, so I know the local area really well. My own success story is that when I first got in touch with The Renewal Trust I was an unemployed person in my fifties with no qualifications, so I know what it’s like for older people looking for work or training. The Renewal Trust supported me to get where I am now.

What do you like about your job? Is it rewarding?

I love being able to help people – like putting someone with no food in touch with the local food bank, or encouraging someone to talk about their hopes for work or training for the first time, or helping someone get interview clothes through our Residents Grant scheme and of course, seeing someone start a new job, especially if it’s their first ever job, or their first job in a long time. Hands up, I admit some of these have been such big steps for people it’s brought tears to my eyes.

Do you have any favourite success stories about people you’ve helped?

A couple of people that spring to mind are a lady who had lost her whole family support network and became a volunteer with me to gain confidence. She went on to find work and is still there three years on. Also a lady in her forties who had never worked or had an interview because of her caring commitments, but was offered a job in the space of just one month. She’s still there and has just been promoted.

How will you make sure the new service continues to be right for local people?

We’re always monitoring our service to see how we can improve things. We’re also looking at doing an evaluation in April 2018 to see how the new service is working.

To find out more about our new service call 07867 562 295 or 07765 242 617, or email employment@renewaltrust.org.uk