Looking for work or training and live in St Ann’s? We’re here to help

We’re still busy providing employment advice to St Ann’s residents via phone and email. Read on to find out how we can help and for top tips on job hunting from Ann Rose, our Employment Outreach Advisor.

How can people get in touch with you? What can you help them with?
I can support people with creating a CV – with an electronic handout or by taking them through it myself if they’re unable to use a computer or don’t currently have access to one. I can also help update old CVs. People can contact me by phone, email, WhatsApp or FaceTime – although most people are just calling first.

Have you been busy? Are a lot of people still getting in touch for support with work and training during the lockdown?
It’s been quieter than usual but I’ve been keeping in touch with regular Work Club attendees, helping them with their job searching and letting them know about opportunities they may be interested in. I’ve also been helping people who have got in touch with their CVs.

For example, I supported a lady who had recently moved to the UK from Italy and had no CV. I was able to create a CV for her, set up an account on a jobsite on her behalf, and upload her CV. I then talked her through how to use this to apply for jobs on her phone. I later talked her through parts of an application form that she wasn’t sure how to complete.

What advice would you give to someone looking for a new job at the moment?
Definitely get your CV up to date especially as you may be looking at doing something you haven’t done before, so you need to show your transferable skills.

Practice interview skills by taking a short video of yourself talking about a job. This is a definite eye-opener as to how you come across to other people.

There are lots of resources online such as the National Careers Service website and even though libraries are closed, you can still contact Work Club staff for help and get advice and support online. Whether you want to find a job, gain new skills or be ready for work when businesses and organisations start to reopen.

Ann giving advice


What kind of job opportunities are available?
There are jobs available in care work, even if you’ve not done this kind of work before, as you’ll be given training. There are also jobs in delivery and with food retailers and producers. Find out more

If you live in St Ann’s, are aged over 29 and need help and advice with employment or training call Ann Rose on 07867 562 295 or 07765 242 617 or email employment@renewaltrust.org.uk

Aged 16-29?
If you live in Nottingham City and you’re not in education or employment, CRS are here to help you with all things work and training. From updating your CV, completing job applications and preparing for interviews, to help with finding volunteering opportunities. Call Rachael Flanagan on 07921 845 766 or email Rachael