Future Leaders – the benefits

We recently caught up with Holly James, our Future Leaders of Nottingham programme coordinator, to get her insights on the immeasurable benefits of Future Leaders of Nottingham Programme.

“A lot of people ask me what you get out of being on the Future Leaders of Nottingham programme, and it makes me smile every time because the benefits can be unexpected.

It’s not your typical programme, where you leave with more knowledge and a qualification. What’s unique is that it focusses on the individual, and instead of churning people out to be the same, it allows you to see that what makes you different is a strength, and that people buy into who you are, not what you do.”

A great programme for learning about yourself and finding yourself, with amazing support and an abundance of skills and expertise to help you thrive in any organisation no matter how big or small. The tools provided will be with you for life. After the programme you feel as if you conquer the universe – not just shape Nottingham”

A message to future applicants from a Future Leader from the 2018-19 programme

“Many applicants are unsure if the programme is right for them because they don’t recognise themselves in the word ‘Leader’. But the way we see leadership is that a leader is someone who sees something that needs doing, and they do it. Someone who is passionate and has strong values. (It’s absolutely fine if you don’t know what your values are yet, that’s something we cover on the programme!)

I support participants through the whole programme and am lucky enough to have attended masterclasses for the past two years. Before the programme, I wouldn’t speak up in meetings because I’m an introvert, and I thought that people didn’t want to hear my opinion or that I didn’t have anything to offer. I’ve now realised that I do have a lot to offer, and I’m not only chairing meetings, but I now actively request constructive feedback, am better able to self-reflect on the quality of my work, and the quality of my relationships (which are more important than I thought).

And while completing this programme doesn’t automatically guarantee you a promotion or a new job, it does increase your self-confidence and belief in your own abilities, so when opportunities arise you’re more able and willing to go for them. Many participants go on to not only get new jobs, but become trustees, school governors, or join groups within their organisation to take a more active role in promoting diversity and inclusion.”

FLN participants 2018/19

What does the programme involve?

“We’ll be recruiting approximately 20 people from across Nottinghamshire (not just Nottingham city) to attend 12 full-day masterclasses between September 2019 to May 2020 – which works out at one to two masterclasses per month. The masterclasses begin by looking at your self-limiting beliefs, emotional intelligence and resilience, go on to focus on business skills, having influence, and understanding Nottingham as a city, finishing with a look at transformational leadership itself, what it is and how you can bring everything you’ve learnt together in order to effect change.

You’ll also be matched with a coach and a mentor, for 12 hours of one-to-one support, including goal setting, career guidance, specialist advice and networking.”

“Take and fully embrace this wonderful opportunity! You’ll learn new skills, knowledge, experiences and meet an amazing group of people, the likes of which you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. If you’re looking to step up in your career then this is for you – you won’t regret it!”

A message to future applicants from a Future Leader from the 2018-19 programme

“In addition, there’s time set aside for independent project work. You’ll have the chance to work on a project of your own choosing, alongside peers, to research, consult, and deliver something that benefits Nottinghamshire citizens, and allows you to put your leadership skills into practice. Often in our day-to-day roles we don’t have the time to work on innovative projects or try something that might not work, so this is your chance to experiment!”

How can I sign up?

“Anyone in Nottinghamshire can apply to join the Future Leaders programme. We’re particularly keen to receive applications from BME communities, LGBT+ people, and people living with a disability.

You have until Friday 31st May to fill out the application forms – you’ll need your line manager’s approval to apply as the programme takes place during working hours. Feel free to use examples from previous jobs, volunteering, family life, etc in your application form.

You can contact me via email at futureleaders@renewaltrust.org.uk if you have any questions about the programme.

I wish you good luck with your application and I can’t wait to meet you.”

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