Exercise is child’s play when it’s fun

Nottingham mum Anna Zsigo has always loved dancing so she knows how much easier exercise is when you’re doing something that makes you happy. It’s a philosophy she wanted to pass onto her three children, identical twin girls Eva and Sofia, who are coming up for eight, and her son Roman aged two.

“My daughters have been going to Tennis Tots sessions after school for a number of years; run by The Renewal Trust at Brendon Lawrence Sports Centre, a community sports centre near where we live. They also do Krav Maga (a mixture of martial arts) and are part of a gymnastic squad that trains 4-6 hours a week, so they’ve already found plenty of things they enjoy doing. We’re very active as a family too and like going to the park when the weather is nice, or to soft play centres when it’s not!

Anna Zsigo with Eva, Sofia and Roman

I hadn’t really thought about an activity for my son beyond family days out as he’s only two, but then my daughters’ Tennis Tots coaches mentioned they were starting Mini Movers at Brendon Lawrence Sports Centre  – new active play sessions for little ones. I thought it sounded like something my son would love while the girls were at school, and as I already knew the coaches and how great they are with the kids, I knew it would be a fun environment. I work part-time so the local location is really handy for me and the fact the sessions are free is a great bonus! (The sessions are funded by The Renewal Trust via BBC Children in Need).

A typical Mini Movers session starts with free play, including soft play, a bouncy castle and other activity-based toys. The coaches hand out drinks and snacks like fruit, and then all the children and parents get together to sing songs and play games, including games with a giant parachute which the kids love. The session ends with the coaches giving out stickers to all the children.

My son loves the free play element of the sessions and the range of activities on offer. He’s quite an active child and loves climbing and jumping so Mini Movers suits him perfectly. He also enjoys interacting with the other children and playing with the coaches, who are both dads themselves. It’s great to watch him growing new relationships.

I think activities like Mini Movers are great for little ones as it’s good for them to interact with other children from a young age, and it’s so important for kids to stay active and have fun while they’re doing it. My son is only two but he gets excited when we arrive at Mini Movers and I know he enjoys playing with the other children and the coaches, as well as having access to things like the bouncy castle, giant parachute and lots of space to run, jump and climb! On the rare occasion my daughters have an inset day from school I take them along too, as even though they’re older, they still enjoy joining in and playing with their little brother.

As someone who’s always connected exercise with doing something you love, it’s brilliant to see my children discovering that for themselves, in their own different ways.”  

Find out more about Mini Movers at Brendon Lawrence Sports Centre