Eight reasons why Tennis Tots is great!

Wow! What an exciting Wimbledon fortnight – can’t wait for the next year? Here’s eight great reasons why you should try Tennis Tots.

1. They can join in from as young as 2 – Tennis Tots is a unique tennis programme specifically designed for children aged from 2 to 7 – so it’s a great way to introduce younger children to tennis.

2. You don’t need to know anything about tennis – Tennis Tots aims to inspire parents as well as children, by giving you the know-how you need to understand the skills taught at Tennis Tots sessions and practice them at home with your child.

3. It’s affordable – sessions cost just £3 each, so it’s much more affordable than many other activities.

4. It’s fun – Our trained Tennis Tots coaches are very experienced when it comes to coaching young children and all our activities are fun-based.

5. It’s good from top to toe – Tennis Tots involves fun-based motor skills activities and racket and ball activities so it will help your child develop things like hand-eye coordination, balance and body coordination, as well as being good for their health and fitness.

6. It’s sociable – Tennis Tots is a great way to meet other parents and carers, while your child is busy making new friends.

7. It’ll teach your child some valuable life lessons – tennis is credited with teaching children lots of important life lessons and skills, from problem-solving skills to taking responsibility for your actions. Tennis Tots will introduce them to life lessons like these, in a fun, gentle and supportive way.

8. They may grow up to be the next Wimbledon Champion! – Tennis Tots will help your child discover tennis and develop the skills that will help them reach a high level of technical ability as they grow. The benefits of starting to learn tennis from a young age in a fun and playful way are well documented.