Back to Netball featured in national magazine

Our Back to Netball sessions run by England Netball at Brendon Lawrence Sports Centre have been featured in the national women’s magazine My Weekly – as part of a feature about women getting back into sport.

The article features 48-year-old Jackie Gardner, who came along to our Back to Netball sessions as a way of getting fit – it reads:

Like many, Jackie Gardner has made efforts to keep fit over the years, but it was when she heard about an advert for a Back To Netball initiative run by England Netball that she really rediscovered sport.

“I work as a radio presenter for Kemet FM in Nottingham,” she explains. “Someone was talking about the initiative on air and it sounded fantastic!”

A former team captain at school, Jackie hadn’t picked up a netball since she’d left secondary school in the 80s.

“I was a bit nervous when I went along, but mostly excited,” she says. Since that initial session, Jackie has progressed with her netball, and is now fitter than she has been for years.

“From the first time, when I almost felt I was going to die, to now when I’m able to play for an hour without stopping, I’ve really felt my fitness levels improve,” she says.

Playing a team sport has also proved more motivating than other fitness attempts Jackie has made in the past. “I’ve got a running machine at home, but I have to really make myself get on it,” she says. “But when I play netball I’m part of a team, people are there cheering you on and you push yourself harder.

“After training, I’m exhilarated. Plus, I’ve made some great friends – we all look after each other.” She adds with a smile, “We’re never going to play for England – but in your head, that’s what you’re doing.”

Want to know more?

Back To Netball takes place at the Brendon Lawrence Sports Centre (main hall) every Monday from 7pm  to 8pm. Run by passionate and enthusiastic coaches, the sessions are designed to give women of all ages a gentle re-introduction to the sport – including the basics of the game like passing, footwork and shooting, and friendly games to put the skills you’ve learnt into practice. You don’t need any special kit, just clothes you feel comfortable exercising in, trainers (preferably that lace up) and some water to drink. £3 per session, per person.

Interested in coming along? Please email  or call 0115 911 2226.