We nurture happier, healthier and more connected local communities, by working together sharing our knowledge, expertise, and relationships.

By working closely with communities in St Ann’s, Sneinton and Mapperley we develop meaningful relationships and partnerships. We co-create an environment for communities where they can make things happen.

We explore opportunities and unlock potential through employability, wellbeing, places and spaces, community activities and grants. We celebrate communities through storytelling and activities. Striving to be inclusive and accessible we use clear communication so all feel welcomed and can take part.

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“If the Renewal Trust is championing something, there seems to be a level of excitement that it’s going to be good…that what they deliver is of high quality.”
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Managing Personal Data

We take our responsibility to the people who use our services very seriously, our Privacy Notice gives you the information you need to know about how we manage personal data.

Complaints policy and Procedure

The Renewal Trust and its Subsidiaries are committed to providing high quality, transparent and accessible services to everyone we deal with. Unfortunately, despite all our best intentions, things can still go wrong. When this happens we need to be informed so that every effort can be made to put things right and to prevent mistakes being repeated. 

Complaints Policy and Procedure